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Podemengineering Ltd. is a private limited company established at the beginning of 1990.

The Company has organized, actively develops and performs RESEARCH, DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS in the field of residential, public, industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.

The managers of Podemengineering Ltd. are partners with long professional experience in the country and abroad in the field of design, construction and management of a complete investment process. The company made a lot of efforts to set up and organize its own structure that meets the demands of the developing domestic market.

Podemengineering Ltd. has available own materials and technical equipment for research, design, construction and investment business, consisting of CAD workstations using modern computer systems and software, and also heavy-duty and light-duty transport vehicles, building machines, equipment, inventory and facilities for construction performance and quality assurance.

The Company has available qualified design and construction specialists with extensive professional experience, skilled workers, able to perform high quality construction and erection works. Should a necessity arise, the Company has the potential to recruit additional qualified workers, technicians and designers.

In 1993 Podemengineering Ltd., as a major partner, established the company Bank High Sys Ltd. with objects of business: software, computer systems, engineering, implementation, structural systems and installations. In the process of the work a part of the construction business of Podemengineering Ltd., connected with various types of installations (electrical, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, water and sewerage, fire alarm systems, structural and terminal networks) were performed jointly with Bank High Sys Ltd. Both Companies jointly built various sites, thus embracing more closely the complex cycle of the building process.